Nov. 29th, 2007

Week 13.

Nov. 29th, 2007 11:43 pm
Well, the Cowboys won, but it was pretty close, considering the good players who were injured & didn't play at all (Woodson, who's a key defender, and KGB, who's pretty reliable) and the fact that Brett Favre was injured(!!) in the first half and didn't return to the game (his right arm was hit and they reported that his hand/fingers were numb afterwards, whatever that means...nerve-related?). Aaron Rogers did as well as he did in the preseason as backup QB, completing plenty of passes, running for a couple of first downs, and getting his first regular-season TD pass. He brought the Packers to within a field goal of the Cowboys, but it wasn't enough. There were at least three bad ref calls and a few iffy ones as well (the biggest being that pass interference call in the 4th quarter that could easily have been ruled that the players' feet tangled together. The ref who was standing right there called it merely "incomplete" but some other ref decided it was interference). Come on, refs, this is the *NFC*--you're supposed to prove you're not rooting for the home team! ;)

Good Packer things...

--rookie Ryan Grant *running* 20 or 30 yards for a TD. He ran right through the defensive linemen and (seemingly) no one was even IN the secondary to stop him!

--cool defensive action, such as tackling the receivers twice in a row behind the line of scrimmage, bringing up 3rd and 19, and then...

--a defender encouraging the crowd to get loud, causing Tony Romo to unsuccessfully try to quiet them again, unable to hear the play, and resulting in a delay of game (*snicker*). (*sigh*, followed by a long pass to TO for a 1st down)

--random act of referee kindness (wtf?/wow!): A ref helped Aaron Kampman up after he'd gotten thisclose to sacking Tony Romo.

--and, of course, this. my comment to stormi:

TO had a TD pass in his arms in the middle of the endzone and it somehow popped out of his arms for no reason at all and Al Harris caught it!!! He was tackled in the endzone so they'll get the ball at the 20. THE COWBOYS SHOULD'VE SCORED THERE BUT NO POINTS FOR THEM, omg. If the Packers can score in any way right now the game'll be tied or they'll be ahead for the first time. !!!!

The Packers didn't score that time, but the Cowboys did on their next possession, bringing their lead back to 10 points. The Packers then got a FG, but then so did the Cowboys, and with under 2 min left and no timeouts, the Packers couldn't score again, so that's where the game ended up, 37-27, Cowboys.

Well hey, I didn't *expect* the Packers to win, but of course I didn't expect them to lose either. ;) There's nothing wrong with 10-2 either. Here's hoping Favre's better by next Sunday. He's got three extra days, so that's good. He spent the rest of the first half with his helmet still on, as if he could return at any time, but it was clear after halftime he wasn't returning tonight. My hopes are high--if he can play right after dislocating his right thumb, he can play through almost anything.



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