Was Drive cancelled already?!

And, OMG, Daniel Jackson on 24!!! :D Almost nekkid, too.
New Daily Show set omgwtf it's their own lil' ADHD Room. It's actually kind of cool--but then they have the NOT cool things, like the see-through wall behind Jon from that one camera where you could see all these people at desks doing stuff! It was so distracting! Also, they had sound effects for the graphic of the guest's name, a la 360's annoying wild-jungle-animal-graphics-noise (but luckily not as awful as that). And they didn't have camera shots sorted out yet, but that's all right, they'll figure that out. They REALLY need to fix/change that see-through wall though. TDS is not the Atlanta CNN newsroom, mmkay?

There was something else I wanted to post about but it flew away when I typed the TDS stuff. :/
OMG, FINALLY, Food Network appears to be showing the original Iron Chef once again, the Japanese version!!! Monday nights (Tuesday mornings) at 3am Central time. IT'S SO MUCH AWESOMER THAN THE AMERICAN VERSION. Already I'm filled with glee by the awesomeness, and that's just from the beginning. The Chairman is hilarious.

Anyway. Whee, old Iron Chef!
O-K...my ipod decided to come out of its coma! I'd plugged it in to charge, and when I unplugged it hours later, it refused to turn on or show anything on the screen or make a sound. For three days. Random button combinations (holding down two or three together--I don't remember which ones/how to reset it but it involved toggling the Hold switch a bunch of times and holding down a couple buttons for a while) did nothing, nor did plugging it in again. I tried things every day, and gave up and got my applecare stuff together to go to the store and tried one last time, and a low battery symbol appeared! I plugged it in again and it turned on! Since then it's worked, but also makes more "computing"ish/"trying to work"-type noises when accessing/skipping songs.

I've decided I need to use it much more so that if there's a problem it'll manifest (again) while the applecare's still good. Anyone else's ipod randomly "die" for a few days then be "ok" again?

Gah, so much to do. Shit!
Obama said somewhere that John Edwards is "kind of cute"?!?!!!!!!? Amazingness.

Thanks for the tidbit, Conan.
Yea!!! I finally registered for Star Wars Celebration IV! No backing out now. I get to spend another birthday with friends. :D
OMG, look who I just got a junk e-mail from!!
Junk Mail )

...I so need 24 icons. Gennia's got the awesomest ones EVER, but I suppose I should make my own unanimated not-so-cool ones...
Yea, someone's finally seeding the Sao Paulo dvd! :) And a new boot of my first concert is up!

Bloc Party? Wtf. Why are you going on a 14-date North American tour? The closest they're coming is Chicago, but of COURSE, there are two nights in LA at the Wiltern, grr. I haven't seeeen you yet, why are you making it so hard to?

La Crosse tomorrow, I think. Sigh.

I'm learning new things about things I took at face value before. So it goes, I guess.
Wow. I've never seen Extras before, but Daniel Radcliffe hitting on this woman and then telling his mom when she came over that the woman was "trying to have it on with [him]." OH MY GOD, and now this scene in the diner?!?! AHAHAHAH. My god. This needs to be recorded and protected, methinks. I just kinda hope my dad doesn't watch it. :D

Hey [livejournal.com profile] randomneses, you REALLY need to see this. If you don't have HBO, search youtube or something. The episode aired on the 28th.

Damn, and I was finally going to call and get rid of the HBO...guess I could always start dl'ing Extras...
Tapes-n-Tapes was pretty good, I'd see them again. I got a ticket from a group of guys with an extra (so it was $10, oh NO! haha) and while in line (I got there maybe 10 min after 8, when doors opened, and the show was to start at 9) they sold out. It was raining and luckily I was actually warm enough in my two thin layers, two hoodies, and scarf. First Ave has a black exterior with silver stars all over it, with the names of bands/musicians who've played there on them. The only one I can remember seeing offhand was The Smashing Pumpkins, though I saw a lot more since I was sort of looking for U2's one while in line (it might've been on the 1st Ave side, I was on the 7th St side). It was my first time back there in at least four years, maybe as much as 5 1/2, and I vaguely remembered things like, seeing this low wall on the left, standing there at some show back in high school. First Ave was the place...um, well still is, where I've seen the most concerts, so it was a semi-nostalgic experience, and quite amusing seeing black 'X's on hands while I had a wristband and a stamp on mine instead (it was my first time there over 21), and I didn't remember that Target Center is right across the street either--that's where my first non-free concert was (Foo Fighters & Red Hot Chili Peppers), and next to where my first concert was (Smashing Pumpkins).

Note to self: either MN people are ruder than other concert-goers, or club crowds are ruder than large-venue crowds, or people about 4 years YOUNGER than I am are ruder. 'Cause there were lots of annoying people (mostly high schoolers who seemed to all know each other), even tall guys, who just insinuated themselves in front of me and the really short girl next to me and her two friends who were about my height. And a few of them were bopping back and forth, taking up 2-3 times the space of one person (or just hitting everyone around them, and no, there wasn't a mosh pit!).

The first two acts were not amusing. First guy was like going to some avant garde art exhibit. I like a guitar, but if you can't give me that, I need a melody of some sort. The drums became the highlight, and he rocked them, but only for about 5-10 seconds per "song", then it went back to random tones and stuff. No singing either--that would've been too close to a melody, I think. The most obnoxious dude in the crowd, who started out behind me but ended up either in front of or next to me, who did the 2-3 people-wide back-and-forth moving throughout the entire concert, was REALLY into this guy. The second band was called Halloween Alaska (I think) and just weren't that good. AND, the bassist only played half the time, the other half was spent playing "air bass" very unrealistically, and he'd also pretend to fiddle with real and imaginary things on the body of the bass. The female friend of the extremely short chick and I wondered why he didn't just leave the stage for those songs, or unplug the bass so he could play anything (but still TOUCH THE STRINGS) and we wouldn't hear it, and wondered what the hell he was thinking, since anyone who looked would be able to tell! Weird.

Tapes-n-Tapes got a great reception (they ARE local, after all), and from the first couple notes, I was excited/relieved since those few notes already showed they'd be more rockin' than the first two acts. The sound was such that I couldn't make out the lyrics, but the music (and yea, I could hear the bassist/he wasn't faking!) sounded good, the band was energetic, and they were even pretty decent-lookin'. ;) The drummer was especially into it--my first view of him, he was pounding away with this huge grin on his face. The keyboards guy multi-tasked, sometimes grabbing a drumstick and banging on one of the symbols or a tambourine, sometimes rocking some kind of tuba-looking-but-slightly-smaller horn. I considered merch but decided not to battle for it since the singer said that most of their shirts were stolen in Australia(! ...sad) so there weren't many of those but there were some limited edition tapes (ha, of course) from Japan, "but we still sing in English on them." Anyway, I got back to my car around 12:45, got slightly lost trying to go back the street way I came from before just taking the highways way, and got home to find everyone still up.

Early day tomorrow--it's the last sports bar day/last football game of the season, and, since the Giants won earlier tonight, unless the Cardinals, Dolphins, Vikings, Lions (I think?), and, of course, Packers win, it's the last Packers game this year. Then, of course, New Year's with Anderson. Heh. :P Lame? Sure, but I comfort myself by thinking that, if I were still in LA (and hadn't come back here for winter break), I'd have plans. If nothing else, *I'd* be hosting. I had more parties those 1 3/4 months of "new" apartment than ever before (unless you add up all my birthday parties), it was fun. ANYway, no one cares. G'night all and hope you have a nice New Year's! I'm sure I'll be hanging out with some of you in the Anderloads chat :)
I'm on my LA layover, but my ride/guide for the day disappeared, so today I've travelled, slept, eaten a little, and been in a tired state of dazedness, basically. :) Oh, and I'm watching my first tv in a week--a little Simpsons, Seinfeld, and 360! I don't even know what happened with football yet (oh no!) 'cause Sunday was scuba day (and there was at least one U2/Packers fan going to Duke's to watch the game at 8am so I would've had company if I could've gone!). It was really bizarre when we stopped at a roadside shrimp truck to see Monday Night Football going on on their tv...and it was 4pm.

ANYway, a lot more to update than my thoughts on football on the trip! I'll try to actually get pics to post this time--I usually don't bother since it's $5 extra per roll of film for a cd, but...PICS! I sent out the post cards last night, so lemme know when you get them so I make sure you did--I used S's regular stamps, so I'm hoping the 1-2 I used on the international ones was sufficient.

It was really fun running into U2 fans everywhere...on the plane on the way there (and airport shuttle last night), in the hotel, on the streets, even hiking up Diamond Head! Then, later on a beach at the North Shore, we met the chick Bono pulled up. Haha. I met people from the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and all over the US. I met an eccentric woman on the airport shuttle who's engaged to someone named Martin who works for the band. Oh yeah, and I saw a certain drummer in the airport around 9:30 last night, Hawaii time. I didn't do anything but look though--he was holding his kid with both hands and just looked so *happy*, I didn't want to bother him by basically asking him to put the 3-4(?) year old boy down just to sign my boarding pass or take a pic. :/ This chick from our shuttle gave me the head's up that he was right behind her (coming through security--I was standing there waiting for S, who got in a slower line than I did), and then we saw her again and she'd seen *him* again so now I know he took the red-eye to New York last night. Yea for mild stalkage? Haha. Ohhh, tired, will update soon on things.
Now don't inundate me with requests. ;)

Comments are screened, leave your name & address. I'll have internet access in LA, but when Thursday rolls around, who knows from there?
If you've seen over 110 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 240 movies on this list. Put your score in header and re-post.

movies list thing )

Repost with your total in the header.
Just 'cause I'm liking this (at least parts of it) a lot. The chorus is a little annoying, but the part before/after I like.
Muse - Starlight

Um, how 'bout another (older one now) to flesh out teh post? I especially enjoy the Nintendo-like beeps at the beginning.
The Postal Service - Brand New Colony
I think [livejournal.com profile] devidarkwolf may be the only one to appreciate this. And only 1/3 of it at that!

U2 & Green Day in New Orleans for Monday Night Football, 9/25

Annnnd, photoshoot footage of said collaboration! I'm hoping someone'll put out a poster. My only complaint on the boys' appearance (and god, was it hard to decide who to look at)? Wtf's up with Billy Joe's hair? Haha. Also, some chick on the U2 lj pointed out that Bono and Larry check these two girls out! Oh, yesss.

Whee. :)
From courtknee: )
As seen just now on the KARE11 (nbc) news...
Flags put near graves in a cemetary in Eau Claire, WI have been disappearing by the dozens, and no one had any idea who might be stealing them...until a groundskeeper saw faded fabric high-up in a tree, which turned out to be a tattered flag. SQUIRRELS have been taking the flags and using them for nest material.

BWAHAHA! Oh my god, so glad I happened to catch that!

In other news, got to leave lake class (I'm calling limnology that from now on) early since she didn't make us stay after doing our first lab. I've done about 10 pages of reading (all in that book) so far, but am supposed to read one of my four books for Saturday's class by Saturday...we'll see. Hope it isn't too boring!

I've got a growing feeling that something, or LOTS of somethings, are creeping up on me. I can think of several possibilities, but this is more like a *feeling* that...just, something bad is coming. No, please. :/
I just watched Bill Clinton kiss Newt Gingrich (and dip him!). Wow, second week in a row, I'm almost ready to declare 1998 SNL as actually pretty damn funny (I'm surprised). The local NBC station is apparently playing eps from then at 2am...maybe all NBC stations are? I gotta rewind and record this. :D

Nothing to update, really. Happy weekend, peeps.

(Hmm, of course I spoke too soon. Either I was too tired, or the opening was, by far, the best thing in the show...I'm thinking the latter. It was kinda fun hearing "Foolish Games" for the first time in years.)


Aug. 4th, 2006 08:45 pm
Fine, I'll do the song meme. You know, 7 songs you're into right now, tag 7, dot dot dot. Erm, if you've been clicking my links, you've got three of 'em at least already.
1.-3. U2 Beach Clips (400, 402, 404). Thank You (403) is a bit too slow for me, and 409's not as exciting (though I do like it a lot!) since it's all *that way* (pop-py? young-ish? you know, just that *sound* of music. I like it, but not as much as other stuff...) and is the Strokes' guitarist.
4. Wake Up - Arcade Fire. Very exciting. It's the last song to play before/until/and U2 hits the stage during it on this tour.
5. Yellow Ledbetter (acoustic) - Pearl Jam. 'Cause I've finally got meself a little PJ to start also preparing for/obsessing over. I like the different stuff at the end...if you've heard the older Pearl Jam singles a million times on the radio, like me, you'll notice.
6. Father of Mine - Everclear. Um, 'cause I dl'ed a few Everclear songs a couple weeks ago and it came on on teh winamp, and I enjoyed it. :)
7. Taylor - Jack Johnson. Esp. for [livejournal.com profile] whatagoodboy71, haha. Also came on on teh winamp. Beach music. Aloooo-ha!

You can tell where my mind is half the time...hey, I'm in *Minnesota*. This trip is all I have to cling to! Also, what's up with none of y'all uploading the songs you're recommending, huh? That's half the point! :p

I rule.

May. 29th, 2006 09:09 pm
Deciding to randomly see what something is on some music channel only Dish Network (here at the house-sitting house) gets instead of keeping it on Larry King (ugh) or NOVA, a show called Farm Club (wtf?!), it's some U2 thing! Looks like it's from around 2000-01. The channel's called IMF if anyone cares.

Ah, now a thingie at the bottom said "You're watching the Best of Farm Club". So...that's what I'm watching.

*off to enjoy "Elevation" and continue avoiding laundry*

EDIT--awww, now it's Jay-Z. Oh well, I got to see 2 songs (probably out of three) at least. Annnd, now it's Limp Bizkit, and time to change the channel. :D



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