Just 'cause I'm liking this (at least parts of it) a lot. The chorus is a little annoying, but the part before/after I like.
Muse - Starlight

Um, how 'bout another (older one now) to flesh out teh post? I especially enjoy the Nintendo-like beeps at the beginning.
The Postal Service - Brand New Colony


Aug. 4th, 2006 08:45 pm
Fine, I'll do the song meme. You know, 7 songs you're into right now, tag 7, dot dot dot. Erm, if you've been clicking my links, you've got three of 'em at least already.
1.-3. U2 Beach Clips (400, 402, 404). Thank You (403) is a bit too slow for me, and 409's not as exciting (though I do like it a lot!) since it's all *that way* (pop-py? young-ish? you know, just that *sound* of music. I like it, but not as much as other stuff...) and is the Strokes' guitarist.
4. Wake Up - Arcade Fire. Very exciting. It's the last song to play before/until/and U2 hits the stage during it on this tour.
5. Yellow Ledbetter (acoustic) - Pearl Jam. 'Cause I've finally got meself a little PJ to start also preparing for/obsessing over. I like the different stuff at the end...if you've heard the older Pearl Jam singles a million times on the radio, like me, you'll notice.
6. Father of Mine - Everclear. Um, 'cause I dl'ed a few Everclear songs a couple weeks ago and it came on on teh winamp, and I enjoyed it. :)
7. Taylor - Jack Johnson. Esp. for [livejournal.com profile] whatagoodboy71, haha. Also came on on teh winamp. Beach music. Aloooo-ha!

You can tell where my mind is half the time...hey, I'm in *Minnesota*. This trip is all I have to cling to! Also, what's up with none of y'all uploading the songs you're recommending, huh? That's half the point! :p



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