Mar. 3rd, 2005 08:33 pm
OMG, the POLAR BEARS special is gonna be on (see my icon for a preview)!! In LA, it's on Ch. 15 on Sunday at 7pm. Check your local time on PBS or yahoo tv. Remember, the show is called Nature.

SOMEONE *please* tape it! Please!!! I can't tape anything w/my roommates' ancient TV. This is one of the best things on TV ever...(well, assuming you like Ewan even the teeniest bit).

Plus, Ewan will be on Leno next Thursday. Devi & I are going to be there. AND---found out tonight that there's no class that day for some staff prep day or some crap like that, so I don't have to skip pre-calc...which I'm only happy about 'cause I don't wanna miss the notes, not 'cause I *like* going. :p
--> Gloves, jacket, and blanket on the lap are neccessary to thrive in the basement at this house.

--> People's icons are great fun.

I'm still missing wireless sooo much...but winter break rocks. Today I got the SW Vanity Fair(eee!!) and the Marie Claire w/Jon Stewart thing (very small, unfortunately, but good). Guess which one I can't open 'till May 19th? At least I can ogle Ewan/the awesome fold-out cover.

Sexy Ewan

Nov. 16th, 2004 11:43 pm
Nakedness in the third episode of 'Long Way Round'...a hot stone massage that was really a torture session in disguise (SOME people find that hot :p Made me want to be ill/cry/hold him. Poor Ewan & Charlie!). I think Ewan is naked when he does his video diary--we only see from portrait distance, but he never has a shirt on at least, and knowing him... :) This docu is good, and not just because Ewan is Ewan. Oh, but I also can't forget that they showed him, pre-trip, in his GLASSES again!!!!!! (swoon, moan, drool)

I've got a bunch o' crap to do for school...can get it done, but not timely.

Called MN Godiva today, and my old manager is gone! :( I'd hoped she would last, but alas, Godiva cares too much about little shit like coaching logs (for employees that have been there for 6-8 years!) and not accomplishments like being the mamager to make beyond the sales goal for the quarter for the first time in EIGHT years. Sigh. New guy had already hired seasonal people, so now I have to find another job there. Who's going to still need seasonals on December 18th?



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