Yea!!! I finally registered for Star Wars Celebration IV! No backing out now. I get to spend another birthday with friends. :D
So, I have about 12,000 hours of schoolwork to catch up on. (I've probably done like 6 so far this semester.) Chemistry test on Monday, math test on Friday.

This weekend the great Line starts, kickin' off with brunch on Saturday...and I really should check to see if we have to register for that. :/ I'd damn well better do some homework while there. Jesus. I'm afraid my gpa this semester will be like 2.0 or less (when it's always been above 3.5 in college).

After the stupid tests are over.......SPRING BREAK!!!!!

Spring break consists of:
Late late Sunday/EARLY Monday through Wednedsay night: college tour trip thingy, to UC Davis, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara.

Friday night: U2 in Phoenix!! (assuming everything works out....ebay guy has not freakin' contacted me and I'm worrying here, grr.)

The rest of the time: gotta be earning those hours in line. And doing goddamn homework. :(

After spring break, 2 terrible days of class, then it's off to STAR WARS CELEBRATION III in Indianapolis! Woo! Funness and getting to see old friends, and briefly, my family on the way back.

Then, back to nothing but goddamn shitty chemistry hell. (sigh)

Oh yeah, there will be that Star Wars movie to look foreward to. And then my birthday I have off from school, which means more than usual, since it's on a Friday which means having it off means no chemistry lab (yeees!). But still, this semester needs to die.
So tired. Have bio paper to write. Have stupid oceanography tomorrow morning. Will watch Daily Show, then go to sleep and do paper tomorrow after oceanography (and hopefully finish it).

Elise! I bought 2 tickets to the second showing (first was sold out) of ***EMPIRE*** at the Arclight on Tuesday 11/30...there's an introduction from Kershner (he does a Q & A after the first showing, dammit). If you can't (or don't want to, 'cause you've just had a massive stroke or something) go, tell me now and I'll let the FF know. The seats are the 2nd row of the middle section, like 5 away from the middle of the row. (K26 & K27)

Oceanography was great on Tuesday--I'd forgotten my teacher was going to some conference, and my old astronomy prof subbed! Instead of filling in the blanks and getting yelled at, we went to the planetarium, did cool stuff, and got to go early!



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