New Daily Show set omgwtf it's their own lil' ADHD Room. It's actually kind of cool--but then they have the NOT cool things, like the see-through wall behind Jon from that one camera where you could see all these people at desks doing stuff! It was so distracting! Also, they had sound effects for the graphic of the guest's name, a la 360's annoying wild-jungle-animal-graphics-noise (but luckily not as awful as that). And they didn't have camera shots sorted out yet, but that's all right, they'll figure that out. They REALLY need to fix/change that see-through wall though. TDS is not the Atlanta CNN newsroom, mmkay?

There was something else I wanted to post about but it flew away when I typed the TDS stuff. :/
Hot, Kiefer's signed onto another 3 years of '24', and there's also a movie script in the works. There was a teeny snippet of an interview with him on the local FOX news (Ch. 11) and he said he was constantly taking writers out to dinner because he didn't want them to kill him off. Haha.

Chloe kicked some ass with sneakiness tonight! The pretending to come out of the bathroom was the best, with the "are you kidding?! If you really want to know, I'll write you a report."

Poor bank guy. He had his 15 minutes on the show before dying. He was cool.

Poor Evelynn's daughter. Who knew calling 911 could get you back with Scary Molester Gunman? Well, we did, but she didn't.

I almost squealed when Martha and Aaron sort of had another "moment." Heh, pathetic, much? But then, she was all fawning over Logan and it was stupid! "Oh, I'm so proud of you....Oh, you're magnificent....Oh, sex me up, hubby, I'm unworthy of your greatness." Yuck.

PS! Anderson is back! And he was wearing the "hot outfit" (from that one hot show in November). And he made a funny comment about Cheney, and was self-deprecating, and smiled, and made funny faces, and SHOT DOWN Sophia, 'cause she's not Erica (she tried to win him over, but the result was laughable, poor woman. I think this is the first time she's *tried* though, unlike Christie Paul and such, who *always* try to charm him). .....sorry, M. I feel a bit guilty posting about Anderhappenings now.

Edit: Samantha Bee is so cute!! I know it's a rerun, but I didn't comment on her first time back on TDS since Piper Rose was born when it was first on. I don't get why some people don't like her, she's great.


Mar. 16th, 2006 10:41 pm
Devi, or anyone else in the Los Angeles area, do you want to come to a pilot taping starring Rob Corddry of TDS? It's Wednesday, the 29th at 6pm.


Help me get another signature on my copy of 'America'! (to add to Ed Helms)

EDIT--Cool, it's at FOX. drive to the Valley during rush hour, yea! Here's the link:


Sep. 6th, 2005 11:06 pm
For the first time since getting back to CA, I got treated to Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart in the same day. I'm somewhere between content and euphoric right now...

Jon - "Why would he build a dam in Arkansas?"
Ed - "His plan will be to fight the water there, so we don't have to fight it here [in New Orleans]."
Yes, Ed Helms is awesome. 10 minutes in, and they're on a roll. :) :)
'24' makes me so happy. I so need the dvds of this season (and 1st!).

Pre-calc test tomorrow! (nooooo) Study time put in so far: maybe 10 minutes. :/ I'll have to leave for school around 12-12:15 or a little before if I'm maybe I can actually get up early for once and freakin' STUDY. Because I can't now; it's time for the Daily Show! (then of course there're the late shows...god I need to stop the non-homework-doing madness)

Yes, so now, off to TDS bliss.
--> Gloves, jacket, and blanket on the lap are neccessary to thrive in the basement at this house.

--> People's icons are great fun.

I'm still missing wireless sooo much...but winter break rocks. Today I got the SW Vanity Fair(eee!!) and the Marie Claire w/Jon Stewart thing (very small, unfortunately, but good). Guess which one I can't open 'till May 19th? At least I can ogle Ewan/the awesome fold-out cover.



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