So tired. Have bio paper to write. Have stupid oceanography tomorrow morning. Will watch Daily Show, then go to sleep and do paper tomorrow after oceanography (and hopefully finish it).

Elise! I bought 2 tickets to the second showing (first was sold out) of ***EMPIRE*** at the Arclight on Tuesday 11/30...there's an introduction from Kershner (he does a Q & A after the first showing, dammit). If you can't (or don't want to, 'cause you've just had a massive stroke or something) go, tell me now and I'll let the FF know. The seats are the 2nd row of the middle section, like 5 away from the middle of the row. (K26 & K27)

Oceanography was great on Tuesday--I'd forgotten my teacher was going to some conference, and my old astronomy prof subbed! Instead of filling in the blanks and getting yelled at, we went to the planetarium, did cool stuff, and got to go early!
I spent a long-ass time trying to figure out a way to re-size pics...computers are really annoying...then I noticed that paint now lets you save pics in jpeg! I'm used to it only being bitmap. So, I didn't need to waste that much time. :( Also, I don't know why the comp won't just let me copy the thumbnail previews of pics in my folders, which are the right size.

SUCKY day today. Nose/head messed-up and awful at work, plus half the money 'cause I was a runner instead of server, then had to go pick up a package 'cause UPS is retarded, and the place was practically downtown, so I ended up 20-25 minutes late for astronomy, which I'd skipped last Wednesday because I had a headache from work--and homework and lab were due that day and I still hadn't e-mailed either to the professor...then found out I'd missed a quiz too.
I was all stressed out and worrying that I'd now have a low B or something because of all the shit I missed just from being sick 1 day, then talked to prof Grazier during break to explain I'd been sick, and he told me that I'd missed him handing out fresh labs that we'd done a few weeks ago, and that we had to do them again because many students copied or didn't do part of it right (I'd not done a half-assed job, and had done it correctly). That damn thing had taken like 3 hours to do, AND I'd had to do it by myself 'cause he was gone when we did them and had never e-mailed me back to fix the lab groups/tell me who I was with. He just said something about not following directions (to work with a group...but how could I when I didn't know who my group was?! Ass.) and "sorry", the labs were gone, he'd thrown them away. I was so...offended, I guess, that I'd put all that effort and he'd thrown the damn thing away without a glance and now wants me to do it again. WTF, do I have to photocopy everything now before giving it to him in case he does this again? While talking about this shit with lab partner (yes, I do actually have a 3-person lab group) Kari, I had to go to the bathroom and get a hold of myself so I wouldn't cry there in the classroom (why the hell am I crying this easily anyway? jeez.) I just felt really crappy. I could barely smile when Grazier quoted SW like 5 minutes after break [Mercury has a huge crater in the side (that's no moon, it's a space station!), but then he amended that by saying Saturn's moon, Mimas, is more like the death star...of course I know this already :) ], and this chick that sits near me looked at me and was like "Star Wars, yeah!" ('cause she knows I'm a fan...I don't think she is...she works at Hooters, so, hmm.). ANYway, upon *leaving* class, Kari tells me the homework and lab that were due last Wednesday had been changed to today and this Wednesday. So I'm really only down the quiz. Why the hell didn't she tell me that before? (rolling eyes exasperatedly)
So, goddammit. Oh yeah, and he made fun of how I said "no", asking if I was from the valley. For an awesome professor (credentially, academically), he really sucks. :( Maybe I should try to never say ANYTHING in there. Except that's really not fair. Siiiiigh. I want my old astron prof back! I loved him so. He was from London. He said "ray-eh" (rare). He built a telescope/observation station at the south pole!

Anyway, I'll try looking at Luke. He's bound to make me feel better. Tomorrow will be better...sucky oceanography, pretty allright bio, with chance of seeing old marine bio prof in the cafeteria during break(!!!). Not that...I care...uh, about anything but getting back my labbook from last spring. Right! Lab book! Yes.



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