O_O I just turned on Tweety and he's interviewing right-wing INSANE PEOPLE. The dude in the studio is more insane than the "guy on the street" (I assume he's at one of the at least two gun rallies [commemorating the OKC bombing?!] at/near D.C. today).

Oh here, I'll see if it'll embed. And I'll have to watch the whole thing. O_o

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

here's where I came in, for maximum craziness (wow they let you edit your embedded clips!):

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Jan. 31st, 2008 11:58 pm
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

I'm going to limit these to non-deprecating ones, mmkay?

-I have to pick bread/toast up in my right hand to spread something on it w/the left.
-I rest my face (chin/mouthish area) on the backside of my fingers frequently, not just as habit, but because I like the smell of some soaps. It's hard to remember not to do it when hands are stinky for some reason, but I'm reminded pretty quickly (yuck).
-I naturally tend to trust new people but not believe them until proven true/false
-I love nature but would probably feel like dying if forced to live in it
-I NEED gum at concerts. NEEEED. Some people don't understand this. Um, it's an obvious truth for me? (kinda like, "you need to put shoes on to go outside.")
-I'm bothered by people chewing with their mouths open, and/or chewing audibly. SHUT IT. I know it's common politeness anyway, but it can be extremely grating to me. I'm sure I've pissed off my two aunts over the years telling cousins to shut their mouths. :/
-I think grey hair can turn a "good-looking" man into a HOT one.

Not gonna tag 'cause half my f-list doesn't read my lj posts, and rarely does someone do a meme I've posted.

[Hopefully] halfway done with my nonwalking time...!
So football yesterday sucked. The Chargers lost. Then the Packers lost. That would've been a FUN Super Bowl, y'know? Chargers vs. Packers?!? Le awesome. Now we're all reduced to rooting for the Giants to spoil the Patriots' perfect year.

The Packers had chances but didn't capitalize on them, and they didn't play as well as is usual. Defense, particularly against the pass, was uncharacteristically sluggish, and special teams were a bit off on returns (and punting, dear lord). Too many 3-and-outs. Maybe the defense was tired by all their time on the field (though if I had to play in -1 to -4 degree weather with -24 windchill, I'd prefer to be on the field, getting "warm" through exertion!). They were truly lucky that Tynes missed those field goals in regulation. I couldn't *believe* he missed that fairly short one at the end of the game. What a relief!! A short-lived one, of course, since he had to go and *redeem* himself in overtime (the nerve!).

It was a great run though--13-3 and through 2 of 3 weeks of playoffs.
So the Packers game yesterday was the ultimate football game. SNOW! Sun at the beginning, gradually moving to thick, fast snowfall, where people slid three yards after getting tackled. Goood times! 42-20.

And now we root HARD for the Giants so the Packers get to host them next week instead of going to Dallas. We don't want to go to Dallas again, nooo. Come on, Giants, you looked good the last couple weeks, you *can* do it...and maybe Jessica Simpson will be there again to jinx Tony Romo!

The Chargers just beat the Colts in an exciting game. I was kinda rooting for them (as my surrogate "home" team), but in the big picture, rooting for the Colts since they probably have a better chance of beating the Patriots. Oh man, can the Chargers beat the Patriots? :/ Bellicheck bugs the hell out of me. Don't want them in the Super Bowl. Zzzzap!
Did I tell ya about the time I ripped a guy's pants? No? On Tuesday, I had to go to CPR training at work and we had to do a few things that someone could sue for sexual harassment over together. So it's the very first thing we do as partners, mine is lying face-down on the floor and I have to roll him over by grabbing his hip (& supporting the neck w/the other hand), and I decide, since I'm not attracted to this guy, and because he's young, thin, and white I don't want to give him the wrong impression by molesting him, that I'm going to grab his jeans' most convenient belt loop instead of his body. Should be fine, yeah? Try yanking on your belt loop. Nothing, right? Well, I used a slight amount of force and the dude's belt loop came free. I felt like a bodice-ripper or something.

...And then we had to spend another half hour or so touching each other's hips/thighs, stomachs, arms and being quite invasive of personal space. His breath smelled like dinner (Italian). I luckily had cinnamon gum in my mouth.

Week 15!

Dec. 16th, 2007 04:27 pm
Interesting in the first half, when the Rams were scoring ahead of each responding Packer score, slow in the second, when no one did anything most of the time, with the Packers scoring now and then just for fun. Final, 33-14.

Blackmon is a hard hitter. I'm continually amused by the way commentators sometimes call him "Black-man". Anyway, he did great on Special Teams today. They were working on both of Woodson's knees on the sideline at one point, but he played (excellently) the whole game, as did Nick Barnett--and they're just the standouts on defense. On offense, the achievements were spread around more than usual. It's the norm for several Packer receivers to get the ball in a game, but today it just seemed a truly (ego-free) team effort on the offense.

Favre got that last big record, for passing yards (60-something thousand, which they helpfully told us was nearly 35 miles), breaking Dan Marino's record, and they showed a couple fun Packer fan signs ("Sorry[,] Dan" and the other said something similar with a cute/sad frowny face at the end). At the end of the game, they spoke to Brett briefly (asking if he'd planned/wanted the record-breaking pass to go to Donald Driver; he'd wanted to give Driver a chance at it), and ol' Smooth Skin snuck up behind him and smacked/hit/pinched/SOMETHINGed him on the ass (twice)! Ahaha, good times.

Aaaaand we're at 12-2!

Week 14!

Dec. 10th, 2007 12:13 am
Perfect game for joyfully toasting the Packers as they easily beat the Raiders. Ah, December at Lambeau. Kickoff was 18 degrees and sunny; it warmed a degree and snowed lightly during the game. The players looked pretty cold at first but were happy. Packers special teams were fun fun fun to watch--Will Blackmon got two TDs. Lambeau Leaping abounded. Brett Favre punched a lineman in the butt (he turned around like, "*what*?!" then saw who'd done it and cracked up). There were a couple iffy penalties called against the Raiders, but they weren't pivotal and wouldn't have made a significant difference.

38-7, Packers, who are now 11-2(!!!).

Week 13.

Nov. 29th, 2007 11:43 pm
Well, the Cowboys won, but it was pretty close, considering the good players who were injured & didn't play at all (Woodson, who's a key defender, and KGB, who's pretty reliable) and the fact that Brett Favre was injured(!!) in the first half and didn't return to the game (his right arm was hit and they reported that his hand/fingers were numb afterwards, whatever that means...nerve-related?). Aaron Rogers did as well as he did in the preseason as backup QB, completing plenty of passes, running for a couple of first downs, and getting his first regular-season TD pass. He brought the Packers to within a field goal of the Cowboys, but it wasn't enough. There were at least three bad ref calls and a few iffy ones as well (the biggest being that pass interference call in the 4th quarter that could easily have been ruled that the players' feet tangled together. The ref who was standing right there called it merely "incomplete" but some other ref decided it was interference). Come on, refs, this is the *NFC*--you're supposed to prove you're not rooting for the home team! ;)

Good Packer things...

--rookie Ryan Grant *running* 20 or 30 yards for a TD. He ran right through the defensive linemen and (seemingly) no one was even IN the secondary to stop him!

--cool defensive action, such as tackling the receivers twice in a row behind the line of scrimmage, bringing up 3rd and 19, and then...

--a defender encouraging the crowd to get loud, causing Tony Romo to unsuccessfully try to quiet them again, unable to hear the play, and resulting in a delay of game (*snicker*). (*sigh*, followed by a long pass to TO for a 1st down)

--random act of referee kindness (wtf?/wow!): A ref helped Aaron Kampman up after he'd gotten thisclose to sacking Tony Romo.

--and, of course, this. my comment to stormi:

TO had a TD pass in his arms in the middle of the endzone and it somehow popped out of his arms for no reason at all and Al Harris caught it!!! He was tackled in the endzone so they'll get the ball at the 20. THE COWBOYS SHOULD'VE SCORED THERE BUT NO POINTS FOR THEM, omg. If the Packers can score in any way right now the game'll be tied or they'll be ahead for the first time. !!!!

The Packers didn't score that time, but the Cowboys did on their next possession, bringing their lead back to 10 points. The Packers then got a FG, but then so did the Cowboys, and with under 2 min left and no timeouts, the Packers couldn't score again, so that's where the game ended up, 37-27, Cowboys.

Well hey, I didn't *expect* the Packers to win, but of course I didn't expect them to lose either. ;) There's nothing wrong with 10-2 either. Here's hoping Favre's better by next Sunday. He's got three extra days, so that's good. He spent the rest of the first half with his helmet still on, as if he could return at any time, but it was clear after halftime he wasn't returning tonight. My hopes are high--if he can play right after dislocating his right thumb, he can play through almost anything.
I didn't get online yesterday to report on the game. The Packers won, as expected (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] stormi0611), in the oldest quarterback matchup in NFL history. Testaverde (44) + Favre (38) = 82.something. I'm glad most of the Panther action was confined to the 3rd or 4th quarter, 'cause I was tired and found it hard to concentrate on the game. That might've also been influenced by us having to stand the whole time, and having non-ideal views of tvs. And me trying to avoid the bitchy waitress of the next room, who used the bar behind us.

If I'd been feeling at my best at the sports bar I'd have fun things to say about all the interceptions caught by Packers, that 94-yd run for a touchdown, and that fumble that happened late-ish in the game when the Panthers had been scoring. Oh, and the Panthers had this good defensive guy. Ribbons or something (Peppers???). Some word name. He did a lot of good for them, like blocking a field goal and maybe an interception that didn't matter because of a penalty? But he couldn't win the game by himself.

It was raining lightly when we left the sports bar, and it slowly turned into snow on the drive, finally becoming giant clumps of melty flakes around the size of a flat golf ball. It didn't stick, but I think this was the first real (non-flurries) snow of the season.

The Packers have two tough games impending. Thanksgiving vs. the Lions and then the following Thursday vs. the Cowboys. Yikes! But hey, my Pack are at 9-1(!!!), so...woooo!
I'll try to come up with interesting things to say about this shutout game (other than, "HA-ha, Vikings!"). It was the first time the Packers shut out an opponent since 2002, and the first time the Vikings were shut out since 1991. The Lambeau refs even laid off the Packers today, only calling a handful of penalties on them, and no big or iffy ones. They even called the *Vikings* on pass interference! (the head ref's accent made him say "interfurrence") Favre got knocked on the back of the head and was woozy afterward, ack. But he seemed fine soon after.

My (good) uncle came over and watched with us. He's a typical Vikings fan (fair-weather) so he wasn't too bothered by them losing ("If [they] didn't have a good running back, what would be the point of even watching?").

Final score, 34-0.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
While Favre sometimes picks up 'Smooth Skin' (#80) after a TD, Driver decided to mix it up a bit this time and not only picked Brett up, but spun him around and around.

8-1. I can't believe it...!


Oct. 7th, 2007 12:08 pm
Y'all can join me in seeing if John Madden still has his mancrush on Brett Favre tonight. The Packers game is on NBC at 7:15 (central).
Legal wolf hunting begins this winter.
How despicable! I'm surprised it isn't even pressure from ranchers (who, btw, are REIMBURSED by the government for any animals killed by wolves), but by...elk hunters? Wolves, like ALL predators, kill the weak elk. Hey hunters, do you really *want* to eat a diseased or old elk? How 'bout a baby elk?

I reworded their pre-written letter and sent it in. Then I made the mistake of clicking on "Oceans" under "other campaigns" and am kind of sickened by jogging my memory about the sonar testing & whales. :/ What the fuck is WRONG with people? Don't you have enough decency to not feel OK with killing animals who are actually *intelligent* and pose no threat to us? You don't shoot off blasts of 200+ decibles at *humans*.
So this game was pretty much about Brett Favre. I didn't know that that would happen, since people don't really pay as much attention to football records as, say, baseball ones. Anyway, he got his record-breaking touchdown pass near the beginning of the game, to Greg Jennings. Poor Smooth Skin--he wanted to catch that pass. Oh well, Jennings is nice too (literally). The Vikings played pretty rough, injuring (temporarily, luckily) at least four Packers. I'm so glad they managed to stay in the lead the entire game! The Vikings have this amazing rookie running back and it was scary seeing him twice run completely untouched for like 40 yards. It was tough, as the Metrodome always is, but it was *okay* this time.

Favre got another touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, but the best part was him jumping around like it was 1996 after the record-breaking TD. That BALL was snatched up immediately and is going to the football hall of fame...and we're wondering, did they snatch up that second TD ball too? I mean, it broke the same record...are all Favre's TD-pass-balls going to be collected from now on? Haha!

Superstition update: Couldn't find my hoodie so I wore a laughable getup--my sleeveless Packers tank on top of a tight long-sleeve shirt. Like I said last week, I wasn't going to take a risk against the freakin' Vikings, so I had to wear a new thing, preferably a top, with a long sleeve shirt underneath (that sleeveless tank was my only non-missing Packers top I haven't worn yet this season). Heh. So the only new thing I learned is that I can look slightly ridiculous and it'll still work.

This game was the first of the season on tv here (woo-hoo, sleeping in!). Next week's game against the Bears is on tv too, everywhere. It's on NBC Sunday night.

and yes, "4-PLAY" was a real fan sign...a few seasons ago ;)

EDIT--on the local news, they're talking about a "sickness" sweeping Minnesota, called the "purple blues" (because of the Vikings' loss). Muahahaha.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Favre taking Greg Jennings home like he did Smooth Skin last Sunday celebrating his 421st touchdown pass with the receiver who caught it...
Check out packers.com for a nice banner & more pics.
It's almost that special month...
According to our patron saint Linus VanPelt, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the most sincere pumpkin patch on halloween and then flies through the air to deliver toys to all the good little children in the world.

To commemorate this glorious holiday occasion, the Great Pumpkin Icon MeMe of 2007 has been created.

1. Take your default icon and doodle a pumpkin on it.
2. Copy and Paste this description in your livejournal so others can do it
3. Wait in your pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin on Oct 31. :D
Okay....so I'm watching this award thing (http://www.constitutioncenter.org/libertymedal/splash.html) for Bono/DATA and....am confused. It's like a middle school assembly or something right now...? Uh. Excited Philadelphians reciting from plays.

Edit: This author's manner of speech is hilarious. Rabbi-like, but hilarious accent.

Edit: finally, someone who makes sense! Also, she's got a great head-wrap. And says "Bono" hilariously. (ah, she's receiving the award as well, AND is a doctor, hence the "making sense." She's Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Yes, I had to look that up. Wouldn't you?)

Oh wow, Bono makes a good speech when he writes one (vs. ad-libbing). That was *great*. *in awe* Of course he was dorky too (rather adorably, haha..."hometown hero Will Smith"? l-o-l), but yeah, really knows his way around making powerful phrases.

Other notes--EWWW to interviewing Rick Santorum in the re:DATA piece!!!! Guess they felt they had to counter Nancy Pelosi's presence. :/ Are there any GOOD Ricks in the world? Oh, and George Bush Sr. has a toothless smile.

OH, and most importantly(heh!)? U2's in the studio ahora. Though it's supposed to be a year before a new album... How many places are they going to record in the interim, jeez? ;) Eze (France) & London (those yielded The Saints are Coming and Window in the Skies), Fez (Morocco, in May or June?), Dublin (nowadays)... B could've just been saying that, of course ("I hope the band doesn't fire me for flying to Philadelphia today when they're waiting in the studio/expecting me..."). S'pose it would be easy enough to find out--keep an eye out for pics of them in Dublin. If they show up, they're probably working.

Edit, yet again: Video! Unfortunately smaller screen than the webcast, boo. Click on the Web Extra one. Article, if the vid doesn't work...(click on "visit our 'video on demand' center" to the right to get to the video page).
So this Senator from Idaho wanted some hot manaction in my airport's bathroom.
'According to the arrest report cited by Roll Call, Craig tapped his right foot, which the officer said he recognized "as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct."
Last fall, Craig's office publicly denied assertions by Internet blogger Mike Rogers that the senator is gay. Craig's office dismissed speculation about the senator's sexuality as "completely ridiculous."'

Great stuff.

EDIT--Oh man, it gets better.
'The report goes on to say, "The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area." When the police interviewed him later, the senator said that "he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom" and that was why his foot may have touched the officer's...'
...from the 360 blog
Okay, a point for Edwards on not going for nuclear power 'cause of the waste issue (Obama says yes to more, Clinton says she's "agnostic about nuclear power," haha!). Well, and bonus points for all for SAYING "NUCLEAR" CORRECTLY omg.

Also, Richardson's cool re:scrapping No Child Left Behind & what he'd do for education, and for wanting same-day voter registration

Edit: Aww, JohnxBarack re: healthcare.

Edit2: Lol, Hillary makes a funny re: 2000 election. What, she's human? Oh yeah.

Edit3: omg, this Michigan dude with a machine gun that looks like it belongs to someone in the army. And he calls it his baby. SCARY SCARY SCARY OMG. THANK YOU, BIDEN, FOR SAYING "if that's his baby, he needs help!"

Edit4: this "give one like and one dislike about the person on your left" is full of LOLZ.
EEE, now there's Obama/Edwards (via Hillary's jacket)!
Anderson, quit saying "time." *shakes head* Andergiggle!
OMG, Biden. "The thing I like most about [Kucinich] is is wife"(!!!!)

Allright, it's all over. That was amusing.

Your Score: 12", Holly, Dragon

You scored 42 wisdom, 38 bravery, 21 emotional, and 11 martyrdom!

Holly is a powerful protective wood that good for use against evil, but it also represents dreams and fertility. Your dragon's heartstring core makes your wand very effective in hexes.

Link: The Harry Potter Wand Test written by sputnik845 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I poured over those Whimsic Alley ones (and Allivan's too, I think?) before choosing this one last year based on the traits:
This wand was handcrafted using principles handed down by over 136 generations of skilled wand makers. It was carved from the wood of an eternal oak tree from the bleeding forest. At its core is the feather of a phoenix. The Holly Wand will select a witch or wizard based on a variety of traits including, among others, boldness, impulsiveness and integrity.

...er, I don't know why it says it was carved from an oak tree when it's a *Holly Wand*. . . .hmm.

I've still been reading livejournal. I'm going to TRY to just read anderloads from here on out, 'cause more and more people are talking about seeing spoilers and I'm afraid...
I'm a part of The ONE Campaign. Apparently, now Bill Frist is too. It's good, of course, but EWW all the same! :/

Why am I exhausted today? Stupid House of Sleep.

How're y'all, hmm?



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