Week 15!

Dec. 16th, 2007 04:27 pm
[personal profile] rosephile
Interesting in the first half, when the Rams were scoring ahead of each responding Packer score, slow in the second, when no one did anything most of the time, with the Packers scoring now and then just for fun. Final, 33-14.

Blackmon is a hard hitter. I'm continually amused by the way commentators sometimes call him "Black-man". Anyway, he did great on Special Teams today. They were working on both of Woodson's knees on the sideline at one point, but he played (excellently) the whole game, as did Nick Barnett--and they're just the standouts on defense. On offense, the achievements were spread around more than usual. It's the norm for several Packer receivers to get the ball in a game, but today it just seemed a truly (ego-free) team effort on the offense.

Favre got that last big record, for passing yards (60-something thousand, which they helpfully told us was nearly 35 miles), breaking Dan Marino's record, and they showed a couple fun Packer fan signs ("Sorry[,] Dan" and the other said something similar with a cute/sad frowny face at the end). At the end of the game, they spoke to Brett briefly (asking if he'd planned/wanted the record-breaking pass to go to Donald Driver; he'd wanted to give Driver a chance at it), and ol' Smooth Skin snuck up behind him and smacked/hit/pinched/SOMETHINGed him on the ass (twice)! Ahaha, good times.

Aaaaand we're at 12-2!
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