Okay....so I'm watching this award thing (http://www.constitutioncenter.org/libertymedal/splash.html) for Bono/DATA and....am confused. It's like a middle school assembly or something right now...? Uh. Excited Philadelphians reciting from plays.

Edit: This author's manner of speech is hilarious. Rabbi-like, but hilarious accent.

Edit: finally, someone who makes sense! Also, she's got a great head-wrap. And says "Bono" hilariously. (ah, she's receiving the award as well, AND is a doctor, hence the "making sense." She's Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Yes, I had to look that up. Wouldn't you?)

Oh wow, Bono makes a good speech when he writes one (vs. ad-libbing). That was *great*. *in awe* Of course he was dorky too (rather adorably, haha..."hometown hero Will Smith"? l-o-l), but yeah, really knows his way around making powerful phrases.

Other notes--EWWW to interviewing Rick Santorum in the re:DATA piece!!!! Guess they felt they had to counter Nancy Pelosi's presence. :/ Are there any GOOD Ricks in the world? Oh, and George Bush Sr. has a toothless smile.

OH, and most importantly(heh!)? U2's in the studio ahora. Though it's supposed to be a year before a new album... How many places are they going to record in the interim, jeez? ;) Eze (France) & London (those yielded The Saints are Coming and Window in the Skies), Fez (Morocco, in May or June?), Dublin (nowadays)... B could've just been saying that, of course ("I hope the band doesn't fire me for flying to Philadelphia today when they're waiting in the studio/expecting me..."). S'pose it would be easy enough to find out--keep an eye out for pics of them in Dublin. If they show up, they're probably working.

Edit, yet again: Video! Unfortunately smaller screen than the webcast, boo. Click on the Web Extra one. Article, if the vid doesn't work...(click on "visit our 'video on demand' center" to the right to get to the video page).
I'm on my LA layover, but my ride/guide for the day disappeared, so today I've travelled, slept, eaten a little, and been in a tired state of dazedness, basically. :) Oh, and I'm watching my first tv in a week--a little Simpsons, Seinfeld, and 360! I don't even know what happened with football yet (oh no!) 'cause Sunday was scuba day (and there was at least one U2/Packers fan going to Duke's to watch the game at 8am so I would've had company if I could've gone!). It was really bizarre when we stopped at a roadside shrimp truck to see Monday Night Football going on on their tv...and it was 4pm.

ANYway, a lot more to update than my thoughts on football on the trip! I'll try to actually get pics to post this time--I usually don't bother since it's $5 extra per roll of film for a cd, but...PICS! I sent out the post cards last night, so lemme know when you get them so I make sure you did--I used S's regular stamps, so I'm hoping the 1-2 I used on the international ones was sufficient.

It was really fun running into U2 fans everywhere...on the plane on the way there (and airport shuttle last night), in the hotel, on the streets, even hiking up Diamond Head! Then, later on a beach at the North Shore, we met the chick Bono pulled up. Haha. I met people from the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and all over the US. I met an eccentric woman on the airport shuttle who's engaged to someone named Martin who works for the band. Oh yeah, and I saw a certain drummer in the airport around 9:30 last night, Hawaii time. I didn't do anything but look though--he was holding his kid with both hands and just looked so *happy*, I didn't want to bother him by basically asking him to put the 3-4(?) year old boy down just to sign my boarding pass or take a pic. :/ This chick from our shuttle gave me the head's up that he was right behind her (coming through security--I was standing there waiting for S, who got in a slower line than I did), and then we saw her again and she'd seen *him* again so now I know he took the red-eye to New York last night. Yea for mild stalkage? Haha. Ohhh, tired, will update soon on things.
I think [livejournal.com profile] devidarkwolf may be the only one to appreciate this. And only 1/3 of it at that!

U2 & Green Day in New Orleans for Monday Night Football, 9/25

Annnnd, photoshoot footage of said collaboration! I'm hoping someone'll put out a poster. My only complaint on the boys' appearance (and god, was it hard to decide who to look at)? Wtf's up with Billy Joe's hair? Haha. Also, some chick on the U2 lj pointed out that Bono and Larry check these two girls out! Oh, yesss.

Whee. :)

I rule.

May. 29th, 2006 09:09 pm
Deciding to randomly see what something is on some music channel only Dish Network (here at the house-sitting house) gets instead of keeping it on Larry King (ugh) or NOVA, a show called Farm Club (wtf?!), it's some U2 thing! Looks like it's from around 2000-01. The channel's called IMF if anyone cares.

Ah, now a thingie at the bottom said "You're watching the Best of Farm Club". So...that's what I'm watching.

*off to enjoy "Elevation" and continue avoiding laundry*

EDIT--awww, now it's Jay-Z. Oh well, I got to see 2 songs (probably out of three) at least. Annnd, now it's Limp Bizkit, and time to change the channel. :D
The Finding of the Joshua Tree

I wonder where this is. I've been to Joshua Tree twice for astronomy, but other than smiling at the name, never thought to actually seek out the tree from the album. It's a huge park--I wonder where this is, and if I was even anywhere near it.



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